Direct Mail Marketing



With direct mail you can focus on individuals who are more likely to respond to your product and offer.

Data acquisition allows you to select criteria like age, income, ethnicity, profession etc. 

Data Profiling will analyze your current customer and help determine the best criteria for data acquisition.

Direct Mail is the only medium that puts your message directly into the hands of your prospect or customer.


Speak to your customers/prospects by name, speak to them individually and appeal to their interest.

Personalized marketing is estimated to increase response rates 7 times over non-personalized.


Letters, postcards of all sizes, brochures...there is an extensive variety of inexpensive and easy formats available to you.


Your customer or prospect has something to touch and feel and read again and again.

A physical piece is shown to encourage interaction.


Direct mail is one of the few media channels that gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign.

Tracking and analyzing your results allows you to make adjustments to future mailings to increase your response rates.


We customize our services to meet each client's individual needs. Our goal is to make direct mail marketing as painless as possible for you.

Services range from graphic design, data acquisition, print and mail to simply addressing your preprinted piece with your in-house database. It's your choice.

You will always receive the lowest postage available. We do not mark up postage and we provide many data services to reduce your postage.