Go Direct Mail Marketing

Company History

Go Direct began business in 1981 as a 1st Class presort bureau in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Over the ensuing 25 years we have expanded our business to include a full service direct mail lettershop, data processing, fulfillment, variable data printing and full color print on demand. Our company is now located in El Paso, Texas and serves New Mexico and Texas as well as national and international clients.

Over 10 years ago we were approached by a local client, who had been using our presort services for many years, to print and process their bank statements. After researching numerous software options we decided that the best way to serve our client was to write the software ourselves; thus Go Print was born.

Over the years Go Print has evolved and expanded to include not only bank statement processing but a wide array of other processes. Go Print provides outstanding variable data processing of:

  • Bank Statements
  • Telephone Bills
  • Check Collection Notices
  • Appraisal Notices
  • Tax Assessor Bills
  • Medical Statements
  • Insurance ID Cards
  • Utility Bills

Our company goal has always been a simple one "treat every piece of mail as if it was your own personal piece of mail".   Outstanding customer service, reliable, dependable products and a "customer first" staff have allowed us to continue to grow and expand our offerings to our clients.